Molded and calendared rubber sheets are made from various elastomers like natural, neoprene, nitrile, butyl, silicon, sbr, pu & epdm rubber depending upon their end uses. we offer plain rubber sheets, checkered rubber sheet widely known as electrical sheets and anti skid sheet – button surface / ribbed surface / diamond surface / square button surface.

Available in various colors and size.

  • Thickness : 0.2mm to 40 mm.
  • Width : 1 mtr,1.2 mtr, 1.5 mtr, 2 mtr,and 3 mtr.
  • Length : 1 mtr to 10 mtr.
  • Material: Natural, Neoprene, N itrile, Butyl, Silicon,

Rubber Sheet Manufacturers:

JMCO Rubber Industries is a leading manufacturers of  Rubber Sheet. We maintain very close tolerance in the rubber sheet. Rubber sheet are available in various types like:

  Plain Sheets are widely used to put on the flove and prevent damages By the machineries.

  Plain sheets are also used for gaskets & flanges by cutting in different shaves.

  Checkered Rubber Sheets for electronic purpose.

  Insertion sheets.

  Rubber matting.

  Button mot etc.