Rubber “o” Rings are the key products of ours. We give guaranty for the rubber Rubber “o” Rings in the rounders of the “o” Rings. We have expertise workers who can Products “o” Rings with no rejections. We have special attachments to finish the “o” Rings. Rubber o Rings are produced from all kind of rubber like natural, rubber, silicon rubber, butyls rubber poly urethane, etc rubbers. We make “o” rings from shore hardness 300 A to 900 A or as per customer requirements. We usually produce Rubber O Rings in shore hardness 700 A scale.

  •   From i/d 0.5mm t0 onwards and cross section 1mm to onwards.
  •   Sizes available in metric and inches. – parker size available.


  •   Natural, nitrile, neoprene, silicon, viton, epdm, hypalon, p.u. etc.

Rubber O Rings Application:

Widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder, automobiles, compressors, earthmoving machineries, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Rubber O Rings Manufacturers:

Rubber O Rings from JMCO Rubber Industries is a leading manufacturers of Rubber O Rings.

How Rubber O Ring works:

When rubber “O” Rings compressed it realest like a high viscosity thing which transmits applied stress in every direction consequently the Rubber O Rings serves as a barrier and it broks- stops the leak ape between the sealing surfaces.

The most important sealing characteristic of the “O” Rings is its resistance to compression set or residues deformation.


  •   “O” Rings are mainly use in automotive applications
  •   Hydraulics and pneumatic cylinders When Tear & were resistance material is required.
  •   Comprador industries.
  •  Pump industries.
  •  Where water, lubricant oil, Byronic oil, gas etc leakages, “o” rings are widely used to seal the surface and the leakages.