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Rubber Mounting
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Rubber Mounting
Rubber Mounting
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Rubber Mounting:

Rubber Mounting. JMCO Rubber offer wide range of Rubber Mounting like Engine Mounting, Buffer Mounting, Cushyfoot Mounting and many more. Contact for Rubber Mounting
Engine Mounting:
We design and manufacturers engine mountings for numerous automobiles, especially for four-wheelers. These rubber mounting are highly durable and heat resistant and are carefully engineered so as to prevent engine from shock excitation. These engine systems also support in isolating engine vibrations caused by the starting engine.

This Rubber Mounting can be effectively used as a shock abosorbers  in compression & shear. This can be used in variety of application.

Engine mounts are designed with metal incorporated in mounting itself to take care of compression, shear & torque loads depending  up on the applied load. This rubber mounting are easy to install.

Buffer Mounting:
JMCO Rubber Industries offer a large standard range of rubber mounting type of buffers mounting of various types. These range from straight forward bobbins with different combinations of tapped holes, threaded studs, cylindrical or hexagonal plates, interleaves and profiled rubber; through to rectangular body pad buffers and bump stops. We also produce a wide range of additional rubber mounting systems such as U-mountings, device mountings, air mountings, T-mountings, H-mountings, bolster springs, side bearer mounts, chevron springs and primary and secondary suspension components.
Cushyfoot Mounting :

Cushy foot Mounting are manufactured in three standard sizes known as GR-131, GR-132, GR-133.(‘S’ Type)

GR BOND Cushy foot Mounting consists of two sandwich pieces. These two pieces are housed in specially designed robust iron casting. The rubber mountings are protected against oil, physical & mechanical  damages. Cushy foot mountings give insulation against transverse, vertical and longitudinal  stiffness,  vibration & reduces transmission of vibrations, structure borne noise & shock from a wide range of rotating and reciprocating machineries. Also protecting sensitive  apparatus external disturbances . It gives insulation against out of balance forces. These rubber mounting has very low natural frequencies up to 5.5Hz & has very good lataral stability. For low disturbing frequencies, high deflection can be achieved by screwing two cusyfoot mounting together.

JMCO Rubber Industries offers a wide range of rubber mounting for all types of Application.
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